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Mr. Market Timer's Unique Market-neutral Stock Market Timing AUM Program;
with Per Call, and Subscription Services

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Then read until you've downloaded and read the big PDF (not the small one with hypo trades). Then you'll have a clue
MMT is short for Mr. Market Timer, which is Mike's nickname. This whole deal is now called "The Everest Program"

Actual Live Returns Trading Real Money in Real Time:
Since Inception of 1 August 2016 to the date the last trade was unwound, based on the one "Sacred Account" that was available to trade on 1 Aug. Call Steve for the current marked to market number. All accounts set up to trade after 1 Aug will have returns that vary greatly.

Return of the S&P 500: +0.42%

Return of the DJIA: +0.50%

Return of MMT (after 2% annual AUM fees billed monthly and trading expenses): +3.31%

MMT is Beating the S&P 500 After All Fees and Expenses by: 7.8 times or +689%

Number of Calls Made and Unwound Since 1 Aug 2016: 2

MMT's Correctness Percentage Since 1 Aug 2016: 100%


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